Monday, February 09, 2009

Zoe's Baby Hat

Another long time between posts. January's finished objects seemed to all be gifts that needed to be kept under wraps until after given. I know, I know. Most people do their gift knitting and giving in December. But, as usual, I'm just a little bit off the beam.

One of the things I made in January was a baby hat for Zoe, a friend's first grandbaby. 

I don't know Zoe, but I'm acquainted with her Big Mama, so something classic but classy seemed in order. Basic with a little bit of flair. So a simple hat with a flourish of cables was settled upon.

I'm a little addicted to cables now that I've practiced them more. Ordinarily I'm all about the flashy colors, but I like the way the texture of the cables looks on a solid color.

So, inspired by Zoe, I am now learning to read charts and making a cabled scarf for myself.


knitguyla said...

You made a hat for the baby. That is so sweet. What's your tag say? I want tags.

Melanie said...

It says "Made just for you..." on the front, and "Made just for:" on the back, with a space for me to write in the recipient's name. Then under that it says "by Melanie."

I ordered them from after spending too much time making gift tags this Christmas.

knitguyla said...


Lisa said...

Big Mama is humbled by the beauty of the hat and it fits Zoe fine. She has grow room in it as well.

Personally, I can't wait to see the new cables in the scarf as well as the color.....

Yes, thanks for the link for the tags. I have some for when I sew but these are great for hand knits and crochet items.

Zoe may be the recipient of the gift, but I feel lucky to have you in my circle....thanks!