Sunday, December 07, 2008

Baby Hats and Bright Colors

This week I made 2 baby hats for the Caps to Cape-Haitien project, which you can read about here.

As I was making these, I started thinking about color. Color is one of my favorite things about knitting. I love watching the way two colors come together as they grow away from the needle. And I love the way that colors in variegated yarn pool as the stitches accumulate.

But if you know me in person, you might not guess how much I love color. Oh sure, I wear lots of colors. But all of them are in the earth-tone family. My dress shirts are a little brighter. There are 6 of them hanging in my closet. Four are different shades of blue. The other two are the same shade of pink.

I think that's one reason why I like knitting for charity so much, and for kids in particular. I can use bright colors that I would never wear myself.

So if you see some yarn that calls to you but you can't think of how you would use it because it's not your usual taste, consider making something for one of the many charitable knitting or crocheting groups on Ravelry or anywhere else on the internet. 

Because we can all use a good excuse to buy more yarn.

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Lisa said...

Well, I for one would lve to see you in brighter colors; but, then again felsh tones might be good too!